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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Wharton, NJ

The deep cleaning services from Duraclean Home Services in Wharton, New Jersey, involve specialties such as carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and tile cleaning.
Your family's health and well-being are the highest priorities; our deep cleaning techniques help protect them by removing all foreign substances and biogenic agents in your carpet. Our hot foam extraction guarantees results you can trust.
Our specialists take care of drapery cleaning while they're still on the rods, allowing your home to keep its privacy and security. We clean draperies deeply and effectively, while remaining gentle enough to avoid shrinkage or other damages. Our staff can deep-clean even the most sensitive and delicate drapery fabrics.
Our cleaning techniques also work amazingly well on tile and grout. We can bring a new luster and shine to them, making them look brand new again.
Nowhere in your home comes in more direct contact with you than your furniture. Our cleaning techniques remove and clean dust mites, pollution from outside air sources, odors, and pet allergens from furniture surfaces and materials.
Hardwood Floors
We deep-clean and refinish hardwood floors using non-toxic and biodegradable supplies. Our staff uses a 3-part process utilizing cleaning, rinsing, and finishing agents.
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